Located in haimen in eastem Jiangsu Province, Nantong Qincheng Rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd boasts convenient transport facilities. In the first place, Haimen, a county-level city in the Yangtze Delta, is widely known as a gateway to the Yangtze River and Yellow China Sea; it faces Shanghai, an international metropolis across the River and is close to the Nantong-Changshu and Nantong-Zhangjiagang ferries and port of Nantong in the weat, facilitating the shipment of goods form the Nantong international Container Terminal to most ports in Asia and Weat Europe. In the second place, with highways leading to the haimen-Taiminal and Nantong-Changshu ferries in the south, the company is is in close proximity to the Nanjing-Qidong Expressway and only 30 kilometers to the Nantong Airport with scheduled flights to major cities in China. Lastly but not least important, Haimen will be part of what is now called the one-hour Shanghai economic ring upon the completion of the Suzhou-Nantong Bridge and Chongming-Haimen Bridge, both of which are under construction.

With a unique combination of rich technical forces and advanced equipment, our company has been making efforts to improve production technology, tap testing methods and keep perfecting them by drawing upon the experience of enterprises both at home and abroad in manufacturing racks. All racks are made with fine workmanship with meticulous care given to every detail of the part. In a nutshell, we aim at top quality and perfection in manufacturing ever rack.

Among our staple products are various mechanically-driven racks, mechanical rack for shoes, non-standard racks of various specifications, racks for construction elevators, ships and portal cranes, etc. We are ready to process on the clients’ demands both standard and non-standard racks of various specifications witn modulus between 1 and 25.

In accordance with our philosophy that highly values goodwill, highlights quality and treats clients as supremacy, we will do our utmost to manufacture our products with exquisite workmanship as required by our clients in terms of specification, type and quality. We will offer our clients not only high-qulity products but also tip-top after-sale service.All the staff in this company would like to cooperate with all our clients, old and new, in an effort to create a splendid future. We cordially welcome businesspeople form relevant industries to come to negotiate business and give their valuable guidance.

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